Health information by KAIKOUKAI CLINIC SENAYAN

It is important to manage your health problem holistically. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please visit our clinic to consult with medical staff.

Medical check up is very important to know if you have any health problem. If there is an abnormal result, we suggest you to come for consultation. Do not trust the information you find on the internet because of it might be inaccurate.

We explain below the most common health issues found in medical check-up at our clinic



Findings Commentary

Physical examination
Blood pressure Blood pressure is varied depends on your condition. It can be classified as normal, pre-hypertension, and hypertension

If your blood pressure is classified as pre-hypertension, there is a risk to develop hypertension later if you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If your blood pressure is classified as hypertension, you must consult with your doctor to adjust a healthy lifestyle and to get prompt treatment.
News Letter(2016.8)

Blood test
Blood pressure
White blood cell
Increased white blood cell count indicates ongoing infection or inflammation but it does not tell you the source or site of infection/inflammation. You might have to consult with doctor to find the cause.
Red blood cell Decreased red blood cell indicates anemia. You might need to know the type and cause of your anemia in order to get an appropriate treatment
Platelet Platelet has a role in blood clotting process. If your platelet count is low, bleeding will not stop easily. If your platelet count is high, there is a risk of hypercoagulability

Liver function test
ESR Another marker of infection and inflammation are ESR and CRP. You might have to consult with doctor to find the cause.
Liver enzymes such as GOT, GPT, γ-GT, ALP, and LDH are found in liver cell, biliary tract, heart muscle, skeletal muscle, kidney, etc. Therefore, we have to know the cause of the increase in these enzymes
Total bilirubin Bilirubin came from the red blood cell breakdown that has been processed by the liver and drained with bile acid into the intestine
High bilirubin shows there is a problem with the liver or there is an obstruction in the bile duct. Therefore, we have to find the cause of high bilirubin level

Total cholesterol High cholesterol level is risk factor for atherosclerosis (stiffness of the artery/blood vessel)
Low HDL cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease
High LDL cholesterol and triglycerides increase the risk of heart disease
It is very important to manage a healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet pattern, exercise, and limit alcohol consumption.

                                       See Kaikoukai news letter vol.4 (November 2016)         and vol.5 (December 2016)
Uric Acid High uric acid level increases the risk of Gout disease and kidney stone.

Kidney function test
BUN Elevated BUN reflects decreased function of the kidney.
Low BUN can be caused by protein metabolism problem or malnutrition condition

Fasting blood glucose Blood sugar level can fluctuate for many reasons. It is affected by your diet pattern before the test. You might need to fast before the test is done.

The normal range for blood sugar level is 70-100 mg/dl. If your result is 100-109 mg/dl, you are having pre-hyperglycemia level that can lead to diabetes You need to maintain healthy lifestyle and healthy diet pattern and re-check your blood sugar level after 3 months

High sugar levels can cause damages to the blood vessels that lead to stiffening of the blood vessels,
a condition called atherosclerosis

See Kaikoukai news letter vol.2 (September 2016)

HbA1C This test can show your blood glucose level condition for the past 2 months

Specific gravity It reflects the kidney function to condensate urine
Protein Protein is an essential nutrition for our body. In normal condition, protein cannot be found in the urine because it cannot pass the filtration process by kidney
If you have protein in the urine, it tells you that there is problem with filtration process in the kidney

But sometimes in particular condition such as heavy exercise, protein can be found in the urine. Therefore, you might have to consult with your doctor regarding this matter

Blood It can indicate bleeding, inflammation, or stone in the urinary tract system
Microscopic Increased white blood cell/leucocytes indicates inflammation process

Epithelial cell show that urine is mixed with other cells around the urinary tract. You don’t need to worry If there is a slight increase of epithelial cell count. But if you have other abnormal result and the urine is cloudy, you might need to see the doctor for consultation.

Other tests
Common findings in Spirometry test (Lung function test)

Spirometry will show your lung function and it can be classified as normal, obstructive, and restrictive.

Obstructive: Decreased in force expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1). Obstructive result is usually found in asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
You will be advised to stop smoking to prevent progressivity of the disease that can obstruct the airway.

Restrictive: Decreased of forced vital capacity (FVC). Restrictive condition can be seen in lung infection (i.e: interstitial pneumonia) or lung problem because of pollution. You can do breathing exercise to improve the capacity and function of your lungs, such as abdominal breathing exercise

You must consult a pulmonologist if you have an abnormal result in spirometry test

Common finding in X-Ray Barium test

Esophageal reflux
There is a sphincter (cardia) between stomach and esophagus that prevent reflux of stomach content. If you have weakness on the sphincter muscle, the gastric acid juice goes back to the esophagus and irritate the wall of esophagus.

If you have any symptom such as burning sensation on your stomach, you need to see doctor for consultation. If you have no symptoms but there is a reflux, we suggest an endoscopy test to evaluate if there is any wound or ulcus pepticum

Even if you don’t have any reflux symptoms, you still need to focus on your lifestyle such as follows :
1. Avoid lying down right after meal
2. Avoid eating too much and too fast
3. Avoid overweight/obesity

Common findings in the whole abdominal ultrasound

Cyst (renal,liver,dll)
Cyst is a fluid filled structure inside our body. Many cysts are developed as we get older. Cyst usually does not have any symptoms and does not require any treatment. Sometimes, the cyst can rupture or suppress another surrounding organs and will be needed to be treated by your doctor.
Cyst can also be classified as benign or malignant. Therefore, you might need to see doctor for consultation and understand your health condition

Prostate hypertrophy/enlargement
Prostate hypertrophy or enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older. If it causes symptoms such as weak urine stream, inability to empty the bladder completely, difficulty in starting urination, increased frequency of urination, you might need to seek doctor for consultation. Even there is no symptom, you have to know your health condition

You can have calcification in any organs such as prostate, lungs, blood vessels, etc. It is not caused by excess consumption of calcium, but low level of calcium in the body will lead to reabsorption from the bone. Too much calcium in the blood will lead to organ calcification
Lung calcification can also occur after healing process from an inflammation such as tuberculosis. Calcification does not need treatment, but it is better to know your health condition.