● Medical Examination Subjects

Comprehensive Internal Medical/   Pediatric/   Respiratory Internal Medical/   Radiology Department/   Internal Medical of Cardiovascular/   Neurological/   Dental/   Second Opinion

● Medical Examination Reservation
   Those who do not have a reservation can also take a medical examination, but those who have made a reservation will be priority.
   In the case of consultation with a specialist, since medical treatment time varies depending on the day of the week, please be sure to inquire in advance.

● Things To Bring
   Certificate and subscription form of your overseas travel accident insurance
   ※ In addition, there maybe some documents require you to submit

● Doctor Schedule

Dr Schedule 2019.1(ENG)

●About Appointment

You can keep doin a consultation without appointment but we highly recommended the appointment, please call us before you visit our clinic regarding to day or time schedule.


Available for travel Insurance holder and creditcard holder
※You can still have another methode in case we will request for bring some documents for administrtions.