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1. Personal data security
For protecting personal data of the officer we have a right for publishing thr certification and another important info from all the officer.

2. Personal data management
We have a prevent management system to solving a problem such as data failure, lost data and dismissed data with security maintenance and we take a step for the accurate management education.

3. Personal data is use for
When you visiting our website, you probably ask to registering your personal data such us phone number, email address and name. And we dont use it for unrelated case of Kaikoukai those personal data will use for marketing and answered the question by email.

4. Entrusted to the 3rd person and forbidden offer
Your data which is registered in our website, is well managing. We will entrust the personal data to the 3rd person with the following condition:
- Approved first person
- For the best service , we choose one four employee to done the condition.

5. Security step
In our Clinic, we have to secure the personal data with trusted security system.

6. Enquiry for participant
We serve a request from the participant related to Data Correction, data deletation and editing data will accoumplish after confirmation to the following personal data.