We also serve a Dental Check and Dental Care and directly handle by Specialist.
The Japanese patient will feel relieve because they will accompanied
by the nurse who can speak Japan, and for the patient who cannot come on
office hours, they can come in evening schedule.
If you have any problems bout your teeth dont hesitate to come to our clinic.


●Medical treatment contents

General Check/Pediactrian/Vaccination/Dentist/Bracket/Estetis/
Checkup Medical/Implant


●Doctors Schedule

10:00-13:00 dr. Meta  dr. Ines dr. Meta dr. Ines dr. Hani
17:00-20:00 dr. Astrid dr. Ines dr. Meta dr. Hani dr. Astrid X
※Reservation Required、○Days Schedule、△Reservation for Saturday

●Introduction of Dentist

dr. Meta dr. Astrid dr. Hani dr. Ines
ユリア医師 ユリア医師 ユリア医師 ユリア医師